What in the world is “oomph?”!  Simply it as that faculty in humans partially wired in our nature which later is promoted, and augmented by early experiences, that enables one, following an unpleasant weekend, to step out of his house on a Monday morning and looking up say; “Good morning God,!” ready to go- filled with enthusiasm and zest for being alive,  This sense of renewal, protecting  you from the inevitable reverses and disappointments in life, also together with persistence of effort, tenacity, and curiosity (and I will add eagerness to interact with, and contribute to your fellow humans), enables you to perceive life not as a disease, but as a potential and wonderful adventure.  But for creating the adventure, you also need a plan; not only addressing attitudes you have been carrying from your past but actively creating a plan for life-man ship; to begin with; rules count!  A sense of entitlement is a faulty burden to be dropped off sooner than later.  Avoiding creating cobwebs from your spirit or your own body is  a must.  Eating regularly, orderly, with well prepared meals of reasonable proportions, and then getting involved in activities, whether as a deliberate exercise or as a hobby, should be added to the list.  And alcohol, while it is an agreeable companion in small amounts with meals, it is also “poison of protoplasm,” and you indulge in it at great peril (it does kill the kidneys, heart liver, pancreas, stomach, but above all, your brain).  Further; getting involved with your fellow humans in projects of common effort, for  exploring or contributing to others less fortunate, should be added to the cart.  Unnecessary anger and rancor, giving you a temporary satisfaction, are outright stupid.  Hugging, however, is not.  The more hugging, the better – whether it is your wife, your loved one, your children, your grandchildren, and even your pets.  Social creatures as we are!  A philosophical view of what matters in one’s life, and remembering that you have only one visit on this earth, with the numbers of days been allotted, limited, and even uncertain should be an awareness as a constant companion in your thoughts.  The faculty of us humans in wonder and marveling at the mystery of it all, along with exploring the “hows” and “whys” as science does, should be treasured and revered.  Demeaning your fellow human because he is too tall or too short or too white or too dark is unworthy of one’s intelligence and damaging to his days on this earth, for himself and others.  So “oomph,” with the rest of the “prescription”  have it!  Think about them  and perhaps put into effect. When adversities take place, having a sense of fortitude is important. Remembering that each one of us have a similar allotment (more or less) of “rocks fallen from heaven.”  So avoid recruiting adversities as if this natural allotment of yours  is not enough.  Good luck. 

In case you cannot do it alone,- by all means,- get help, but just do it.  


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