More on Eating Patterns for Health

Once more:  Back to dieting…

Many friends and patients keep asking me:  what is a good diet, regime, or program to follow, so they can finally lose weight?  They have often tried everything in the past: miracle formulas of thick fluids, exclusive preparations made up of exotic fruits, or powered extracts of this-or-that substance.  These concoctions have three things in common: their exaggerated claims; their stiff cost; and their out-of-this-world ingredients — some times harmful.  Plus, I will add a fourth one: often they taste terrible.  Most importantly, they do not work.

Regimes do not work either.  You know, such as, “Eat one egg at 7am, an apple at lunch, and fish at night” — that sort of thing. Usually after an initial success with regimes, you rebound, One re-gains the weigh just lost, and often gains some more.

I tell you that these simply do not work.  But then, What gives?  No hope?  No solution?  No help?

Oh, but there is!  That is why I speak again this week to the subject.  It is something that is so simple, and yet so difficult to follow through.

Simply it is this; start eating normally.  Yes, just normally.   Begin now even if you are overweight!  And, stick to it!

Just what do I mean?  Normally!  Just that.  Eat like a human being:

  1. Eat three times a day.  Not two.  Not four.  No snacks in between.
  2. Always eat sitting down.
  3. Eat slowly.  I mean take your time; no gobbling, and not attacking the food like a raptor — or a leopard over a freshly-brought-down deer, fearful that another fellow creature will snatch it away!  No choking; instead, chew well and slowly. Enjoy the taste and aroma of what you eat.
  4. Eat only what you put on your plate; a reasonable amount, one hopes — and no additional helpings from a common family bowl in the middle, from which everybody helps himself, or, shall I say, gorging, again and again.
  5. Eat very good quality food.  In our country food is a bargain relative to other expenses!  Daily include fresh, boiled, or steamed greens — dandelions, pig-weeds, poke salad, broccoli, green peppers, cucumbers, collards, and any other greens you can think off. That is all!
  6. Of course, walk 10-20 minutes or do physical work after each meal. If it is not convenient, walk at any time of the day.

That’s it!  You will lose weight, you will not gain any, you will feel better, and your health will be protected.

I repeat: that’s it! It is so simple and yet very few people do it and stick to it, and that is a pity. Since doing this sensible thing, you will feel well and protect yourself from future troubles like diabetes, heart trouble, stroke, high blood pressure — the majority of these self-made!

And remember: sugary drinks are deadly.  And, a double-decker hamburger, complete with french fries and a giant sugary drink, contains enough energy/calories for your needs for one-and-a-half days! That is aside from the grease lining up your arteries.

Oh, this ritual of normal eating habit has to be routinized!  It means do it for each and every day.

If you decide to follow these steps, common sense will have a victory.


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