The Joys of Hobbies III

Before we go to the art and relative complexities of wind surfing, I will like first to take the time and talk about my favored one at present, which is available for any one at any time and for the asking.

This is the joy of walking in the woods:

Our State is blessed no matter in what part you live, there is joy to be have in taking the time and develop the habit of regularly wandering in our woods. Our State has everything; the vast vista and wonder of our mountains with the snow bound windy Mount Mitchell to the tropical sweetness of Cape Fear area.

I walk the woods myself, often.  I go there to exercise and breath the air with the forest smells and look and observe the marvel of life all around me!  Just think; ALL life is made up with the very same building block.  It is called DNA.  it is made up of four chemicals which like letters, write a long different story / instructions for each living kind – including us!  They make up a long long microscopic double twisted ladder!  This long ladder like a string, which is wound up in a ball and if was to be un-winded and magnified for us to see with the naked eye it will be miles long!  That’s all.  This is a fact.  My grandson; a biochemist unwinds the ball and splashes the string differently for his experiments!  So when you decide to go in the woods next time, think; every living thing you see around you, the grass, the trees, the buzzing bugs, the jumpy deers and the peaceful cows are all.. Us!!!  Only differently made because of the instructions!  So when I’m there, I look and marvel!  And feel peaceful and glad for the precious time we all have with our lives.

This gives me also an opportunity to re-think the big picture. Life! My life, the meaning the significance, and the things that really matter ;our loved ones, our friends, the good you receive from others and try to give back.

So if you decide to do it. When there; look around you, stare at the leaves, and little squirrels, the startled deer and the flapping butterfly and then take time to think about these things.  When back you will feel invigorated and more reasonable balanced and with blood pressure now down, peaceful and ready once again for the day routines.


One thought on “The Joys of Hobbies III

  1. Thank you for the other dimension, as well, you give to the walk in the woods. Even when alone, one will not feel lonely.

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