Let’s Talk About Stress – What It Is and How Can we Avoid It

We often talk about stress but there is confusion about what do we really mean.

Before we start  let’s clear first its  meaning; We usually refer to stress both referring to that which  stress us, as well the results this pressure has on us, and the results are many; like discomfort, anguish, fatigue, anxiety, high blood pressure, overeating, irritability, difficulties with our  sleep, even depression and ugly thoughts, as well trouble with our love life and an over-all  bad effect on the joy of being alive.  It effects even our productivity….worse we may resort to alcohol or downers whether by prescription or from the street. And that make things worse we get hooked on them on top of the stress!

The second point to make, what is stressful  it also  depends no only  on the degree and amount of stressful factors  – since all of us have our limits – but it also depends ” on in the eyes of the beholder’ as it were.  Specifically  It  is not only  the presence of stressful factors and their severity and number  but how each one of us perceives these factors. and this depends on our  individual for each one of us temperament /personality  as well the attitudes we have developed from our early years for adversities and inevitable troubles that visit  each one of us in life.  For changing that we may need counseling. 

After all said and done we certainly can do a whole lot to minimize the life’s pressures/stressful factors on us by using the very intellect that our Creator gave us. The method is called contemplation, reflection/mindfulness, the greeks called it stochasmo. 

Here’s what we can do;  after we finally decide to put our act together regarding our life style and eating habits that our body needs and deserves, mentioned many times in my write ups in the past and the need to exercise and try have diversity on our lives no matter what the circumstances, then we set a little time aside and THINK.  What does it mean to be alive, and remembering our days on this Earth for all of us are surely limited.  And remembering that the things that REALLY matter are surprising very few.  Worrying on and on and on is not!  Anger and resentment are not.  Hugging our  children, and loved ones, and enjoying the company of friends are!  Being kind and giving certainly is, attending to our  spiritual needs in whatever faith is important.  Staring at the sunrise and sunset and marvel is!   And remembering that Life is not a decease but an adventure – no matter what the circumstances are, Helps.  We should do that every day by setting aside a few minutes for that so we do not forget. This way we maintain  a good sense  of proportion and a perspective.  That is the proper choice or Instead; fretting, perhaps overweight, visiting endlessly  this or that Dr. to get help to  fight High BP, sugar or high cholesterol, feeling angry resentful and unhappy we end our lives saying;”A life misspend in agony “and further alloted time squandered.” 


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