Iatros of Souls

I have become the fancied father of hundreds of men,
And for a fee, I have offered certainty,
To the bewildered, in a world of more-or less ness and ambiguity,
More often; I was set as the point man,
For half-forgotten, hurts and the focus of fantasies half-realized.

I was showered with reawakened rancors and affections, of past eras.
and have dignified suffering for ten thousand hours,
For sentenced Jobs;
Themselves unaware of the charges.
I have bravely visited dimly lit labyrinths;
Habitats of untamed stallions.

Deeper yet, I have witnessed places,
For inane lizards with implacable eyes, and
I have marveled and often recoiled.
In the brotherhood of Sigmund and of shamans,
Of a thousand epochs.
An uneasy and wondering Iatros of souls.


One thought on “Iatros of Souls

  1. Posso me tromaxes. Do you feel like bearing a burden? I felt an awe and also distant. I wish you alternate this self with the sweet-poetic one.

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